WHO boss speaks - vaccine campaigns have not worked, bonuses canceled

This is a direct translation of a speech by WHO boss Tedros from the organisation's emergency committee meeting on 14 July. Here's what the 'conspirators' have long warned the world about - injections are pointless, all the benefits are being canceled by Delta and wave III is coming.

Professor Housin,
Extraordinary committee members and advisers, dear colleagues and friends.

Welcome to this, the eighth meeting of the Extraordinary Committee, and thank you all again for your participation. When we last met, the number of positive cases and mortality in the world reached new heights. But with the increase in vaccination statistics in Europe and North America, it had an effect and we saw the curves fall.

Unfortunately, the trends are now reversed and we are in the early stages of wave III. Last week, we marked the fourth week of the rise in kovid morbidity worldwide, with the exception of one WHO region. After a 10-week drop, mortality rises again. The virus continues to mutate into more contagious variants. Since the last meeting, we have divided these variants into categories and named them after the letters of the Greek alphabet, in order to avoid stigmatizing the names of the geographical regions.

The delta variant is found in more than 111 countries and we anticipate that it will soon become the dominant strain in the world, if it does not already exist.

Delta is one of the main drivers of current transmission of infections, exacerbated by social interference and movement, as well as insufficient attention to public health and restrictions. At the same time, we are seeing shocking differences in global injection logistics and unequal access to 'life-saving' ampoules.

This inequality has led to a two-speed pandemic: countries with greater access to vaccines are lifting restrictions and opening up societies, although the unvaccinated are still at high risk.

But in the meantime, the unavailability of poises to the rest of the world leaves most of the planet's population at the mercy of the virus. Many countries have still not received any pots and most have not received enough. Covax may work, but the volumes are too small, only 100 million doses have been delivered

I have called for global pressure to inject at least 10% of the peoples of each country by September, at least 40% by the end of this year and at least 70% by the middle of next year. To achieve these goals, we need 11 billion doses. We are grateful for the announcements made by the G7 countries and together they will donate 870 million doses, mainly through Covax. But you need much more and even faster.

And we also know that injections alone will not stop this pandemic.

We have called on countries to take an appropriate and consistent approach, using all possible health and social measures, including risk assessment for mass events. So many countries have shown that this virus can be stopped with these restrictions. We are seeing countries that are lifting bans on international travel, but national policies for registering travelers remain uncoordinated. To support countries. The WHO has recently issued updated guidelines on risk management.

The WHO is also exploring the possibility of digitizing the international certificate and prevention certificate in support of a harmonized approach to the registration of spray status, as well as other information on international travelers. We continue to advise on key issues facing countries and how to address them based on the international health framework.

Thanks again everyone.

And so the boss has spoken - told what only a very naive part of the public could not understand for a long time - there is no point in swakzins, too little squirting, the third global wave is coming and everyone will be sitting in a circle again.

And everyone will sit, including the squandered, but governments have a plan to blame those who did not give up and realized that this was an affair. Some will open their eyes to the fact that governments are lying and punching their variants without an end, which will become even more silly and waiting for the second generation injections, which are already being tested. But healthy people will continue to be healthy.