The assassination of the Haitian president - another globalist warning to the disobedient?

It was a week ago when the world made a statement that the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, had been shot at his residence. It happened in his mountain home, as did his wife and several others. One might think, what is there in Haiti, a third country in the world, and what does it mean? But why is this happening?

And yet, there are very sharp coincidences with other heads of state who have recently died in mystical conditions. It also catches the eye of the fact, and they are already in a hurry to censor the version that there is some connection between this event, the recent departure of the Tanzanian president and, before that, the heart attack of the Burundian leader with the same fatal outcome.

So what do these countries and their leaders have in common? There was no covidshow or blind vaccine in their countries - the countries they ruled refused to accept it. So we have 'official' versions of events and this is something you can each think about and evaluate.

The official version reports that the Haitian president has been killed by dozens of mercenaries who literally struck his villa in a sham, pretending to be a U.S. anti-drug unit. During the raid, he was shot 12 times and the whole house was looted. Later, many of the designated attackers were shot and killed in various shootings.

It can all be read from various sources and it is no secret what was there - but the question is who then ordered such an attack. Of course, official investigators can only discuss political matters, assassination, power struggles and so on - as it all looks from the outside. Logically, there is now a power struggle and the country is in chaos - this is also the obvious intention of the organizers, as all sorts of unrest and revolutions around the world are literally exploding from one place after Joe's stolen elections - a classic US hegemony tactic. problems outside and cause conflicts around the world to be the cause of being a 'good policeman' - the agony of the roaring Pax Americana.

But much more interesting here is something else. All these political and other explanations may be enough for the average observer, but it is always worth looking deeper.

It is a June 8 article that Haiti is not only the poorest country in the Western hemisphere at the moment, but also the only one that has not vaccinated any of its citizens. They have been offered Zovena injections of the Covax program, but the government has refused them based on public fears about their safety.

Covax is a 'relief program' organized by the WHO's international mafia specifically for poor countries. For some reason, Haiti has so far categorically refused the vaccines they offer.

Haiti, on the other hand, has been experiencing mass unrest for some time, but the now shot president announced in February that he did not intend to resign before his term expires in 2022. It was probably a warning to him to do so.

Do all this have to do with what happened, and how did it happen that the leaders of other countries, who tried in a similar way to prevent globalist injections from entering their countries, are now dead? In general, this is a censored conspiracy theory at the moment, but it is known that it is always coming true very quickly.