How to force people to get vaccinated - Davos Forum Guidelines

Over the last 15 months, the Davos Forum has played a much bigger role in what is happening, as many of us have noticed. Now they have a new machination: it is a guide for governments to deceive the public about toxic substances they call a vaccine.

In a recent article, the Davos clique argues that health officials must use 'advertising theory', or manipulating how people feel and think about vaccination, using collective leaders and doctors to spread propaganda and also bribe, in order to gain so-called 'collective immunity'. to "get the remaining skeptics through the doors of local vaccination centers"

This theory of them works around the foundations of the hierarchy of effects, which determine that customers think first, then feel, and then do. The Davos junta believes that graft policy makers around the world currently only work with people who are already interested in vaccination, so they offer three simple ways to manipulate and persuade those who are not interested in it.

The first step, or advice for manipulators, is to 'raise awareness and overcome misinformation'. In their research, the people of Davos have found that a large number of people consider these substances to be in a hurry and their side effects to be intentionally hidden. Indeed, a very good study. But the problem is that they don't want to leave it that way, but are looking for ways to trick people into telling them not to. It is a well-known fact that the average time to market a real vaccine is 8 years. But they launched their injections as early as 11 months after their announced invention, which is also questionable given the version of the virus's biological weapon. And even then, they officially operate only during a state of emergency. It also means that the manufacturer is not held liable in any way.

The second point that Davos is recommended to do is propaganda and harassment. It works on a sensory level and involves bombarding skeptics with phone calls and discussions, as well as harassing them on social media in order to force them to comply. Well, we see it all around us every day, as all kinds of kovid trolls become more and more aggressive and are called discrimination against healthy people. Another method of manipulation developed by Davos is to make a person feel that he has fallen out of society - socially and economically. It must create feelings of guilt and regret. They recommend doing this the way it was successfully used in Canada in the 1930s and 1940s with diphtheria vaccines. Then this particular tactic was used to deceive the children with the relevant vaccines with the message - if your children get this disease, then you are to blame because you did not protect them.

Of course, sensible people know that the situation here is completely different - if diphtheria vaccines can still be considered useful, then these substances do not protect against infection or transmission. Consequently, the Davos servants only have to practice open lying. For these vaccines, the best theoretical achievement is only symptom relief.

And the third point in this strategy is hoaxing through bribery. It works on a transactional basis and involves open pressure - various bonuses, promotions, pottery booths at various events, free take-offs to centers, paid holidays and anything that could in any way further stimulate those whose thinking goes beyond short-term gain. works Pavlov's dog reflex.

Special vaccination mobile brigades and special units are also recommended, which will terrorize people even in their homes in an attempt to persuade them to squirt.

These are the three basic points, and Davos really hopes that this strategy will help them to raise massive levels of vaccination. In other words, it is a total psychological war and, unfortunately, many have to break it.