Vaxzevria pot - two dead per rescued

It is becoming increasingly clear how dangerous experimental cowpots are. However, in spite of everything, governments in many countries still insist on vaccinating as large a section of society as possible, making it compulsory and focusing on children.

They constantly chant that the benefits outweigh the risks. Although Astra Zeneka injection thrombi are known worldwide, especially in the 18-39 age group, and in some countries it has also been withdrawn from the elderly, in many places it is still being vaccinated.

In addition, even the most official of the official studies, published in the Journal of the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC), has recently been published. This clearly shows that this injection is more dangerous in this age group than the Chinese virus itself.

For every 10 deaths it theoretically prevents, it causes 21 deaths due to blood clots.

It was also acknowledged by the Irish health agency HSE and reported by the major Irish media. This is apparently the first 'official' publication where something like this is recognized with at least one injection and at least one age group. The study was published in the weekly journal Eurosurveillance and is based on 4 months of data on the operation of this vaccine in France. By the way, this magazine is the same where the famous Drosten PCR test protocol without the virus itself was published at the beginning of the whole affair, which is the basis of everything that is happening now.

The conclusion of the study is as follows:

Our results show a clear advantage of Vaxzevria for the 55+ population

Regimes in many parts of Europe have used this data to warn that only older people need to be vaccinated for this potentially lethal injection, as they are at greater risk of getting the TV. But now they are spreading propaganda about 'options' to say that young people also need to be injected to be 'safe'. But why should anyone, especially young people outside the risk group, inject themselves? They have virtually no symptoms or no chance of dying, according to official statistics.

Although this study is one small step in the discovery of injections as an instrument of genocide, this finding is far from a return, as this vaccine is being replaced by others and in the same Ireland from 5 July the HSE is offering 18-39 year olds a squirt with Janssen.