Tyranny in France - what are the penalties for non-compliance?

Who would have thought that, of all the European countries, it would be France that would be the first to consider a total war with its citizens? But perhaps that is exactly what should be seen from a globalist point of view, because the French are one of the most freedom-loving nations, so they should be eliminated first.

And so here the war against the population is spreading. Not only are people denied access to public places, but the owners of these places are also at risk of arrest if they refuse to discriminate against people.

From July 21, France has a law that requires the presentation of either a viral passport or a negative test / disease certificate in order to enter theaters, cinemas, sports events. But from August 1, it was extended to bars, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and domestic travel.

Those who are unable to present such a passport will be fined 135 euros for the first time. But the owners of the institutions who do not comply with the requirements to check these people will be fined 1,500 euros for the first time, while three such 'crimes' will already be punished by 9,000 euros and a year in prison within 45 days. In September, the state will suspend free testing until all health care workers who are not injected by September 15 are fired for a month, and if they are not, they are fired altogether. According to the latest figures, 53% of the population is fully injected, and this is unfortunately the critical limit for the majority. However, this is not enough for Macron and the globalists - they want to squirt everyone. So the rest has a little more than a month left. The macro has simulation models that predict 35,000 cases per day if the population vaccination program does not proceed. All terror then rests on them. It was the same in the first wave. Simulated virus, simulated models and injection communicate against what.

Oliver Veran, the French Minister of Health, said that the choice between a curfew and a viral passport was neither blackmail nor punishment. I wonder what it is then? While mass protests continue across the country, the media reports that half of the population supports Macron's ideas. Even so, the other side is about freedom and that means civil war. Yes, that is, unfortunately, the plan of the globalists, and it is happening. Currently, a group of annoyed business representatives have scheduled a meeting with the police chief in Paris to discuss the issue, as most business owners there have stated that they will not give in to fascism, no matter who is directed against them.

Such things are happening here, in a 'civilized' Europe.