Total fascism in New Zealand

The Prime Minister of this country, Jacinda Arden, has thrown the whole country into another steep arc, based on ... one positive case in Auckland.

This means that 5 million people a week are imprisoned at home, shops and businesses are closed. Moreover, it is quite clear from these statements that this creature is, at best, a psychopath who is inwardly happy to have another chance to show power. At worst, it's something else that has nothing to do with humans.

Do not meet, do not talk to your neighbors, stay in your bubbles - such words were uttered from the Prime Minister in the respective address. Again, these are very simple principles. We know from foreign experience that the Delta variant can spread by people simply passing each other. So keep your movements to a minimum, pull on the mask and keep your distance.

Consequently, New Zealand is one of those countries that is openly demonstrating what the new world order is. It is a prison where the ruling regime demonstrates its power at any time by burning everyone in the cells. One kovid case or a PCR positive test - it can be done at any time and this nightmare will never end until it is over by the people themselves. Many global commentators are also commenting on what is happening in New Zealand.

There is nothing more dystopian than the Prime Minister said that you should not talk to neighbors or pass people in the background of a poster that says - scan your QR codes and turn on Bluetooth tracking - notes Amy Tarkanian, a former Nevada state politician.

Nigel Farage, known as the Brexit ideologue, also says that Jacinda has lost its meaning. And so it is - due to one positive test, the whole country is detained for 3 days, but Auckland, where this case was recorded, is closed for the whole week. This is a 58-year-old man who traveled with his wife. Officials are not sure where he caught the terrible virus because he has not traveled abroad, but are worried that the outbreak will resume in the interior, where they have not had one since February.

The Arderna government, on the other hand, is a model of dictatorship: as early as March last year, she stated that only the information provided by the government about the virus was true. We will be the source of the only truth. If you hear something else, then remember, if you don't hear it from us, it's not true.

Last month, special virus minister Chris Hipkins said the government may have to catch unvaccinated people. Of course, we would like everyone to do it themselves. But human behavior determines that we may have to go some and look.

At the beginning of next year, we will be in a phase where we will catch those who have not applied for vaccination themselves, who have missed their records to do so - Hipkins promises.

We can believe that a new world order has arrived in New Zealand. When other countries fall, will people still win?