The third vaxx goes to Israel

And again, it is Israel that demonstrates to the rest of the world the goals of the New World Order. There began an active booster shot, or propaganda and stretching of the third Pfizer vaccine for those who had already received the previous two.

Did anyone then think that it would be enough to get drunk and be able to return to a normal life? There was nothing - everything starts all over again and again they are seniors over the age of 60, who are being put on another syringe, because the first two have not helped anything. The local Haaretz media announced this on Thursday - the country is again a pioneer, starting the third round of spraying tomorrow, Sunday, after it was approved by the state health minister on Thursday.

The spray will be available to people over the age of 60 who received the second dose at least 5 months ago, the report said. The plan was also announced by President Naftali Bennett on national TV.

In reality, vaccines are safe, protecting them from serious illness and death. And now, attention - just like the flu vaccines, they need to be renewed from time to time. Here it is - another conspiracy theory. 5 months - the long-awaited efficacy and safety of Pfizer, and in Israel, where 60% of the population is injected, there is talk that another vaccine would be better than Delta and others. Pfizer himself, in a statement on Wednesday, emphasized that their data showed very good antibody levels in the third vaccine. But for how long, or 5 months again?

Of course, everything that happens in Israel and other countries, where the same will soon follow and the 'revaccination' in Latvia, is simply told - this will be a regular injection at least twice a year, without which your status in the digital world will be revoked. Those who chose this path and deliberately took part in the game are no longer out of it - either squirt twice a year, or sit with the unvaccinated on the street and out of work.

Maybe this will make even more doubtful people think?