The New World Order is officially established in Australia

Brad Hazard, the state's "Minister for Health and Medical Research," has just announced this in an open text. This was heard on the public news channel about the new wave of the 'virus' in Australia - according to the minister, the curfew marks the new world order.

Then finally it sounds terrible, direct and unequivocal. From the time when the concept was voiced by Bush the Elder in the early 1990s, until mid-2021, the last stage of preparation for this process was so long.

And now this minister is announcing this to the whole world, calling on the people to obey it, because that is how ‘it is simply’.

This is a global pandemic - it is an event of the century. So we can expect to have transmissions from time to time. We must accept this as the new world order.

This concept has been open in public for at least the last 30 years. It has been talked about and mentioned by many global politicians since the time of the Bush elder, including Joe Biden, when he was still vice president of the Obama administration. All this time it was conspiracy theory, but the voices of reason warned of this process for decades. It is the same great Reset, the dismantling of all borders and nation states, the dismantling of democracy and human rights, and the absorption of the world community into the global slavery system. Everyone was thinking only about what could be the catalyst for such a grand change and how they were going to do it - but the answer is given. It is a viral affair.

So what does it look like in Australia now? Only two people can meet outside the house, no more than 6 miles from it. Not even to the shops - one person from each household can shop and only what the government deems acceptable. Currently, the two largest cities - Sydney and Melbourne - are in such a situation.

No more than 10 people can attend the funeral - a larger number are already carrying the virus. But the most tragic thing - the comic in all this is that only one person with a cowboy has died in Australia this year. However, the country is in a state of total tyranny and it is even worse than it was last autumn.

As soon as someone dies, the government can declare it a kovid outbreak and instantly put 25 million people under house arrest. In addition, Australia also had an extensive vaccination program. Of course, all this was deceptive and was never intended for any normal life.

It is totalitarianism and the new world order right in the eyes and openly. It's hard to imagine what else needs to be done for people to see and understand. Who can save Australians from this terror? Probably just a revolution, everyone else has missed him, hoping they are just masks for 5 minutes. Can the rest of the world learn from this example?