Sydney - fight the ghetto

Thousands took to the streets again in Melbourne, Australia, to express a peaceful attitude towards archery and totalitarianism. There it was relatively peaceful, while around 1,500 police officers were mobilized against people in Sydney and fascism was demonstrated at full capacity.

As early as Saturday morning in the state of New South Wales, where the capital is Sydney, the police announced that public transport routes and bicycle paths to the city are being blocked. To prevent people from getting to where the protest was planned, trains were ordered to skip the stations, but taxi companies were threatened with huge fines of up to half a million dollars if their drivers took people to central Sydney between 9am and 3pm.

The Gestapo also stopped traffic on major roads there, issued 137 penalty receipts and a total of 38 thousand cars were stopped. In statements about the actions, it was said that it was not an authorized protest and that it could spread the virus - if people did decide to go there, they would be arrested.

Around 10 in the morning, a helicopter was also involved, which began circling around the place where the meeting was planned. There was also a video of several people being persecuted and arrested at Victoria Park.

A total of 47 people were charged and 260 vouchers were issued - according to police, there were only 250 people at the protest site. One of the suspected organizers, 29-year-old Anthony Khallouf, was also arrested and sentenced to 8 months in prison.

This was the case in Sydney, where terror against the people is incomprehensible, all that remains is the order to shoot everyone who will dare to take to the streets. But Sydney was not the only place where the same protests took place these days. In the Queensland capital of Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne, too, the police did not show the same aggression as in Sydney. However, clashes took place and a police officer was knocked down in Melbourne, but rubber bullets and tear gas were also used against the protesters.

But 218 people were also arrested in Melbourne, 236 punishments were issued - almost 4,000 US dollars for each arrested person. Melbourne has a population of 5 million and currently has 6 arcades. Yes - the sixth. In Victoria, too, it started on Saturday and is scheduled for at least September 2. But in Sydney, which has already become a totalitarian regime and where there are more than 5 million, the bow has been around since the end of June. It is now forbidden to leave the house there for only a few specific reasons. The muzzle must also be worn on the street and the bow is extended until 30 September. And all this only because 3 people over the age of 80 have died in the last few days and a PCR positive test has been recorded.

It is an example to everyone of what the new world order looks like, and we still have the opportunity to stop it, as long as we unite with everyone - one of the steps tonight is the Baltic Way.