Social credit system explained - the future of US?

Following the events of January 6, the United States was declared to have started the war. It was the same after the events of 9/11 or the blowing up of the twin towers. Yes, let's use that term, because believing in the official version today is the same as believing in a real pandemic.

Only then was the war against external terrorists, while now they are their own citizens. Of course, looking a little deeper, we see that even after 9/11, the real war was declared for the people of the United States and around the world, who began to be more closely monitored, introducing various checks and depriving them of part of their freedom at that time. International terrorism is the same fiction as the current plan demony and the goals of these processes are exactly the same.

Just like then, change is about society as a whole. And they are aimed at introducing the same social credit system as is already the case in China. It is a combination of government and corporate surveillance systems and gives each one a number of points - it depends on his life in the system, because it means restrictions - insufficient points can lead to a ban on buying plane tickets, buying property, getting credit, and so on. And it is determined by behavior or obedience. Among other things, human psychology is such that most of them like to be big with their points.

But it is a global plan and is set to continue in other countries. Several large Western and US corporations are purposefully moving in that direction. Paypal recently announced a partnership with the Southern Poverty Law Center to ‘investigate the role of white racists’ and uncover those who speak out against the government. This is already a direct step towards depriving these services of those who will be found unreliable. And, of course, Fishukuk, who has recently introduced special notices urging users to report 'extremists'. At the same time, together with Microsoft, they have teamed up with the UN to develop a database. What will be in it - you can mention three times - healthy, ungrafted and traditional people. Of course, in the beginning, everything is justified by public security, and in general there are indeed various real extremists in the world, just remember that all this is done in cooperation with national special services and they are mostly just tools to achieve bigger goals.

And one of these goals is exactly that - to use the pretext and even deliberately organize such forms of extremism to gain control of the whole society. One part is the QR codes that come with regular vaccinations, while the other part is the control of human activities in the virtual environment, where today's young people have actually moved to life and where financial flows also take place. Thus, the easiest way to influence people is to impose specific bans on various activities if the person's views do not correspond to those of the corporation or government. It is a soft social credit system that is being introduced gradually, but the potential is much greater. A company that can track your activities, award bonuses for obedience and at the same time block you for misbehavior - who are you in this system, who do you belong to and how does a person differ from a trained animal?

If a person is no longer allowed to comment on the side effects of poaches, that he does not like pride or transgender participation in the Olympics, but perhaps he supports family values ​​and disconnects him from services and opportunities to do something, then it is an old dream of any totalitarian system, which can only really be achieved today, in the age of technology. Assuming that people will be inexorably dependent on them.

But it all starts today with viral passports. After that, the avalanche will be faster and faster.