Recent studies show that 'antibodies' fall after 3 months.

With each successive study on the subject, the trend is becoming clearer - the so-called antibodies disappear faster and faster after a full injection.

At first it was at least 6-7 months, which is why in several countries the third injection is already started, but now it is only 2-3 months.

Such conclusions are presented to us by the British UCL - a group of scientists from the University of London. They have also been published in the Lancet magazine. 600 people and all age groups surveyed, both sexes and the chronically ill / healthy show the same result. The antibody content of Pfizer potei decreases from 7506 U / mL after 21-41 days to 3320 U / mL on day 70. So twice. Astra Zeneka this figure is even more devastating - from 1201 in the first 20 days to 190 to the 70th day. The authors note that initially the antibody content in both vaccines is quite high, but in 2-3 months it drops dramatically and this raises concerns that the effectiveness of the pockets also decreases, especially against new variants, but this is not yet predictable.

Professor Rob Aldridge explains that when we talk about who should be given priority to receive additional doses, our data show that this is primarily the case for those who have been injected in the past, and especially with Astra Zenek, who currently has the least residual antibodies.

Our research says they are elderly people over the age of 70, all residents of nursing homes who are first entitled to a booster vaccine. In addition, Astra injectors are likely to have the lowest antibody content, which should also be taken into account.

The authors also point out that with this limited study it is not yet possible to find out how many individuals have lost antibodies individually and whether they will continue to fall in the coming months, or perhaps reach some stable level - and, of course, it is unknown level in general is to be considered sufficient. They also note that different people may have different levels of immunity and cellular response, and therefore antibody levels mean something completely different to each.

From this study it can be concluded that nothing is known and finally it is acknowledged at least that each person is individual, that the immune system may react differently and that the level of antibodies is not an absolute concept that means the same for every person. And all this is happening at a time when the governments of all countries continue to lie foolishly that these vaccines are safe, tested and effective.

But in reality, it has not even been studied what the level of antibodies should be in order to protect against serious illness at all - moreover, the tests of these pouches were not intended for that at all. It's all happening now, experiments, research and new discoveries, another injection of the remaining seniors and then some research on what's going on then.

In other words, the wild experiment continues and people are gradually being prepared to have to spray every 2 months, or soon the second generation of pous will enter the market, which everyone has forgotten about now. But planetary Dr. Bill announced last fall that the world "cannot return to normal" without second-generation vaccines. Draw your own conclusions.