Masks are also injected - the affair starts from the end

All this time, the CDC - US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been in a state of convulsions, publishing one illogical message after another. Now it has surpassed itself again and Americans are advised to wear masks again, even if they are fully vaccinated.

It is known that this is due to the vicious Delta, which makes the whole squirting event pointless. Until now, a vaccine has been considered a substance that protects people from infection. In other words, a person injected with kovid should not get it. This was the basis for the promises of politicians and all this propaganda that a squirting person would be able to return to normal life.

The most observers will have noticed for a long time that they are lies, because even the WHO boss Tedross made it clear at the end of last year that these vaccines will not put an end to the pandemic and that they are just one of the means together. In other words, what is happening should come as no particular surprise. However, for most people who follow only the 'official' media, the revelation began to appear only a few weeks ago, when data from Israel appeared that half of the new infections were among those injected.

And now society has gone through a circle of affairs, from the belief that the whole point of squirting is to prevent disease and return to normal life, to the point that it only alleviates the symptoms, and now to the fact that nothing really changes at all. It is still claimed that they reduce severe symptoms, but in that case it can no longer be an argument for injecting everyone, but even forcibly, because in 80% of cases people do not feel any symptoms at all - according to official statistics and all fake PCR tests.

There is no logic anywhere in this event, if anyone wants to find it at all. But let's remember that back in May, the same Faux walked in the Senate muzzle, although he was completely sprayed. Already at that time he came into conflict with Senator Rand Paul, who at the time asked questions about why this masquerade is needed, if the vaccines do not change anything and why the doctor himself creates distrust of these vaccines.

Apparently, the CDC listened to what was going on at the time and soon afterwards they issued guidelines that fully vaccinated people could not wear masks. Dr. Fauchi himself spoke in numerous interviews, inviting the injectors to enjoy the privileges. At that time, not only they, but also healthy people took off their masks, because there is really no law in the United States that would require the presentation of health status. At that point, the statistics of the potion also began to slip, because all the Americans who wanted it had already got it. And so the CDC realized they had a problem. The installed 70% seemed unattainable in such conditions. The influential Washington Post then published an article on July 22 giving its recommendations to the CDC, which states that if it is once impossible to distinguish between vaccinated and healthy people, the CDC should reintroduce mandatory masks for all. Biden's administration has done many right things, but here it is a fundamental mistake and it is too fast to return to normal breathing. A restart and new guidelines are needed to correct reluctant vaccinations and increasing infection statistics with Delta. The author of the article is the same Chinese Leana, who is considered a scientific adviser to CNN, who is constantly outraged that the unvaccinated are still walking on their feet.

This is all modern science - it is the media and their owners who determine how a health agency should act. Said, done. The CDC just needed some excuse for such illogical behavior. And it was found in that the Delta variant avoids vaccinations and therefore even sprays have to wear masks. As a result, the CDC has pushed itself into a corner - by removing the ban on masks, people stop squirting, but when it is restored, the faith in vaccines disappears even more.

But masks are and will remain what they have always been - a means of control, a symbol of fear and a constant panic generator. Fear comes with obedience.