Fake vaccine passports - a new industry

We have come to a world where, during a false pandemic, people are being injected against a false virus with a false vaccine that is not a vaccine at all because it does not contain the virus at all. But that's just part of the phantasmagoria. The other is fake virus passports, which many are trying to buy.

Yes, all this has already become an entire industry, and in these times everything is out of hand for those who have created such a pseudo-world. But what about those who have bought such fake passports, do they help?

One week ago, there was a story in the press about a US couple who had been fined $ 50,000 by the Canadian government for being caught presenting such a fake vaccination certificate at the airport. It only revealed the upper part of the iceberg, as there is now a whole industry of fake documents, in which those who face the requirement to present such a passport but do not want to squirt seek refuge. There are places where they have already been introduced and where they are planned to be introduced, for example, in New York it is no longer possible to enter a restaurant or a sports club without this beast mark. Protests are still taking place elsewhere in the world, and here in Europe, especially in France and Italy, people are the most active.

But in the US, all federal employees have already been required to squirt, the only alternative is to test regularly and wear masks. The same can be seen with large companies demanding the same from their employees. It is logical that very many refuse to do so, but also do not want to end up in the second-class class of citizens, who are facing increasing discrimination.

This creates an even greater division of society - some of those who do not want to squirt are categorically against any obedience, while some are looking for ways to forge the relevant certificates. This is also the focus of major media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, which writes that a wide range of these cards are available online, based on the relatively easy possibility of counterfeiting CDC original passports and even appearing on Amazon and Ebay. Already in May, a bar owner in California was arrested for the same sale for a paltry $ 20. The accusations of this are identity theft, forgery of government documents and medical documents.

While the WSJ is not yet in a position to give specific figures on the extent to which this is happening, it is noted that these schemes are expanding. There is also a California-licensed homeopath who invented another scheme in which people order immune-boosting pills but also receive a CDC passport, including specific instructions on how to enter the correct vaccine serial number.

The same is true in Europe, where these fake passports are also common. At least 30 different social media profiles have been identified in Italy, which sell them, and the Italian police themselves report that they have been aware of around 500 fake passports sold in recent months. This is mainly the case on Telegram channels.

At present, the false documents in question can be detected quite easily - but their producers do not stand still, and as soon as a national database is hacked, the situation may change. Hackers and document counterfeiters are also constantly learning their skills. The WSJ magazine offers another example of how this is happening in Italy. There, a Telegram channel advertises a digital vaccine certificate for 100 euros and a printed version for 120 euros. There is even a ‘family package’ or 4 passports for € 300 and € 350 respectively. You can pay for them both in cryptocurrency and sometimes with Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

So this industry will not stay anywhere, it will just take over and more and more people will try to get out of the second zone of apartheid into the first. And, of course, many of us will also face this dilemma, whether to try to falsify these records, or to remain steadfast and fight for the existence of such an unnatural system altogether.