Eviction from the US - Resets have begun

August is the month when a real problem or epidemic begins in the United States. It is eviction. Why so - of course, the virus is to blame. But logicians have long understood why it was all planned.

In the United States, a special CDC moratorium has been in place since last September, protecting many millions of tenants from eviction if they could not or did not want to pay rent during a plan epidemic. This means that they could not be evicted from the premises, the owners were not allowed to do so. But now this time has passed and all the overdue rent has not been paid, it must be repaid. For many, this means either paying the year-long late fee or being evicted. This is the real crisis, or the next element of the affair launched by Kovidshow in the whole crumbling house of cards.

What is happening threatens to turn into a real horror story. Many still hope that members of Congress will return from vacation in August and do something. But why should they do something, if that's the big plan from the beginning? Thus, everything is prepared for the future collapse of the United States as a state and society. In a way, this was inevitable and would come sooner or later. Tenants could hardly have expected that the owners of the houses in which they lived would simply not take money from them in the future or forgive their debts. Even for the average homeowner, life there is no better, because how to live if it is not possible to receive money for renting the property or evict the people there for almost a year.

The United States is a country that is completely artificially built and operates on credit - it is home to everyone, people usually do not have any savings. It is not like with us, where most of them do not have anything but their own apartment, or relatives in the countryside and maybe also savings for a white day. An American does not know how to live like this and only repays the previous consumer loan with the current salary. With the general mass unemployment during the affair, it is quite logical that millions can no longer pay their rent or credit, and so the government came up with this moratorium, banning the eviction of people even if he does not pay. How logical it was and how it is assessed by one or the other party, there is nothing more to discuss about it, because now it is over and homeowners have a whole pile of overdue rental letters and eviction notices to send out.

In addition, it is now in the interests of homeowners to evict those who cannot pay anything as soon as possible, as there is a possibility that Congress may decide something in the coming weeks and perhaps extend this moratorium, which will not allow evictors again - logically do it now. And here we are talking about millions - as the local media write, which is exactly how the situation is described - this moratorium was the only instrument that kept these millions in their homes.

The Biden administration had also extended it for a month, but no longer. According to US statistics, eviction is threatened by 3.6 million in the next few months, but 15 million are in arrears. Their debts to their 'landlords' are astronomical 20 billion.

It is indeed a national tragedy - but not only that. In September, most states also ended various virus benefits, which allowed the same millions of unemployed people not to work and eat something. As a result, they will receive a double hit in September, both a notice of termination of benefits and a receipt for unpaid bills or a summons. What will millions of Americans do when they suddenly hit the streets? If you remember that many of them still have shooters, things become completely unpredictable.

Although it can't really be said, because that is exactly what Resets provides. This is followed by mass unrest, shoplifting and civil war, in which the mighty America has recently collapsed like an old slum. Those films from the series about Crazy Max and the post-apocalyptic society were really no fiction. It doesn't help to print any money and the trillions that are pumped in somewhere in the system, because it all destroys it faster. But this is the next step in the great Reset, where a person has nothing but is happy. millions of Americans will experience it in the coming months.