Covidshov as a public training - on UK government websites

Much has already been written about the fact that, in fact, the globalists have started all this affair because it is an introduction to a colossal transformation of society. Therefore, both globalist organizations and relevant behavioral modeling specialists are involved in this event. The British government alone has a whole battalion with SAGE and others. What are the manipulation tools they use?

It is they, not any real disease and epidemiologists, who advise national governments on bans, curfews and all other signs of totalitarianism.

We already know this a lot, at least those who follow what is happening in the world and study what it looks like. And yet from time to time there are things that are quite amazing in how openly shameless the whole show was imposed on us and how it was done.

One such example is a document published at the very beginning of the affair entitled 'Options to increase compliance with social exclusion bans'. It was posted on the British Government's website in March 2020 and is still there.

And it looks at two types of social distancing - one is to set a normal distance for everyone, and the other is to push vulnerable people for at least 12 weeks - at that time they were still telling tales of a few weeks when we would all win the virus. Now is the second year and the Greek alphabets will soon be over.

What we can read here are 9 ways to change people's behavior and force them to comply with these prohibitions. The most brazen here is the second way of persuasion.

It is written here in a direct and open text that a large number of people do not yet feel sufficiently personally threatened at that moment. They may feel relatively safe because of the relatively low mortality in their age group. This conclusion is followed by the advice that once they do not feel sufficiently threatened, this level of danger should be increased through emotional 'shock messages', followed by an explanation of what socialized people can do to reduce this threat.

If it is not complete shamelessness and manipulation, then what else can convince people how they have been psychologically treated all this time? The next points are the same manipulations, responsibility for others and all its tales of 'asymptomatic' carriers. There is also talk of social acceptance, that is, it is important for a person.

They still use practically the same arsenal now, only for vaccines. It is all the same, the same 'threat', the healing of guilt, the manipulation of some good and everything else.

And the funniest thing is that all these documents and instructions for afferists can be read freely on government websites themselves - but it still works for them and people fall for it like young children.

However, there are materials ready for a criminal case on intimidation, deception and open psychological mobbing on a global scale.