Chaos in Britain and empty shelves - the affair continues

In these days, in the prosperous and rich West, there were scenes familiar to those who have experienced the last years of the USSR - empty store shelves and chaos in the sphere of trade. What happened then?

As you know, the British have been on release since July 19 - bans have been lifted, bars and restaurants can be visited. At the same time, forced vaccinations for nursing home workers, muzzles in public and the government's struggle with entertainment industry owners for imposing kovid passports, which they do not want to do.

But the chaos in the British Isles has resulted in 1.3 million alerts being sent to those who use these contact tracking programs. It is logical that this affects all industries, because they are also employees who cannot work in logistics or shops. Supermarket executives tried to persuade the government to introduce exemptions for drivers and vendors, but as we can read in the British press itself, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng - hardly an English lord - has expressed concern that people will panic and buy all the shops empty. which will lead to a food crisis. Supermarkets made just such announcements urging them not to buy toilet paper, pasta, water and wine, but that is exactly what people took and did, as a result of which we can watch quite apocalyptic scenes with empty store shelves, as if there was a final sale everywhere before closing.

The thing is that there is a need to involve even the army in the food supply. London Mayor Sadiq Khan - another British lord - told the Evening Standart newspaper that he was concerned about the viability of key sectors such as public transport, food logistics and waste disposal. The introduction of the army into the streets is not yet discussed, but the situation is dramatic. Moreover, absolutely consciously and deliberately created as a component of the affair or the next phase, to create chaos and panic already in earnest.

And this is achieved simply by sending out these text messages stating that the recipient has been in contact with a person infected with the Fake virus. The NHS sent 600,000 such messages in just one week by 14 June. Therefore, the current situation is ironically referred to as United Pingdom - because 'ping' means to capture and denote something. In this way, we can see how fantastically versatile this covidshow is - it can halt entire industries, create crisis and chaos, food shortages and halt critical infrastructure, just like in a zombie apocalypse movie.

In addition, the NHS application is still a recommendation, but in England there is also a Test & Trace system, which has also sent 420 thousand quarantine alerts. And in this case, it is no longer a recommendation, but an order, because otherwise you may have to pay severe penalties. The government has been under pressure for weeks to soften the system, to make exceptions for critical workers and fully vaccinated Britons, otherwise the growing number of Fake virus-positive Delta cases will force everyone to sit down anyway. at home because it will hit the path of someone infected.

It's all so funny, if it weren't so sad, that it can fool people and deliberately destroy an entire country, but obviously that's the so-called day of liberation. Well, we can already expect a real crisis and even the shutdown of critical infrastructure, the consequences of which are then unpredictable. And if it works in the UK, similar scenarios will be developed elsewhere where possible. The show continues. And its next act is really food shortages. Are we ready for that?