Another warning call - Pfizer vaccine efficiency only 42%

Another study has just emerged that casts doubt on the usefulness of these poems. Remember that we are only talking about 'official' research and data here.

Let's leave aside the fact that the 'conspirators' have known and understood these things for a long time. So even the Baiden administration has paid attention to this study. It says the Pfizer vaccine is only 42% effective against the Delta and is already about America, not Israel, where there was a recent figure of 39%, which is roughly similar. It is now the month of July and this study was conducted by the Mayo Clinic for its system between January and July.

Overall, it was concluded that the Modern syringes were 86% efficient and Pfizer's 76%. However, there is a sharp decline in July, when the Minnesota Delta variant reached 70% of all cases. Then Moderna fell to 76%, while Pfizer experienced a dramatic drop to 42%. The same is true in other states. In Florida, for example, the risk of infection for those injected with Moderna in July was 60% lower than for Pfizer customers. Although this study has not yet been peer reviewed or approved by other researchers, it still raises important questions about the long-term validity of both. It is not clear whether these results imply a reduction in efficiency over time, or directly against Delta, or whether it is a combination of both factors.

As the main author of the study Venky Soundarajan puts it, most likely these are both factors. A modern pot against Delta is more effective than Pfizer. He said research would be continued to find out if the two drugs were more effective against the Delta variant. Of course, experts urge not to rush to conclusions, because there is still a reservation that vaccines still protect against more serious diseases. By the way, new verses are now appearing in the media - stories that a completely vaccinated person who is ill, but could get sick even more severely if not vaccinated. It is already from the series that the Aztecs saved the Sun by sacrificing people.

It will be interesting to see how the situation develops further. Currently, the first fallen pot is Astra Zeneka, which was actually pushed out of the market the fastest, now talk of Pfizer's inefficiency. In its statement, the company itself undertakes to develop a new vaccine directly against Delta. In that sense, it's all just as well a business plan and each option will have its own punch.

The difference between Moderna and Pfizer, although both are mRNA technologies, is that Moderna uses a stronger dose and the intervals between the two doses also differ. This suggests that the dose needs to be increased. And of course, the new generation of vaccines and the same old constant additions. Business is thriving. We can look forward to announcing soon that this whole campaign has been for free and everyone should be injected with the special Delta pot again.