A viral affair - a clash of two realities

The ultimate goal of any totalitarian system is to achieve total control over society and every individual, ideological unity, and to eradicate any disobedience to that ideology. Although in reality this goal is never achievable, it is and remains the Holy Grail of all these systems, no matter what form they take.
Totalitarianism can be dressed in Hugo Boss Nazi uniforms and it can be dressed in white robes with masks. But it does not change the essence - to redo the world according to its own paranoia, to replace reality with its own.

That is why it is worth reminding ourselves from time to time that we are in the middle of such a process at the moment, and that is why everything that is happening looks so insane. The ruling caste of the global capitalists is working precisely to bring this into their new reality, and it has a name to that effect, even several. The new normal, the big Reset, ‘build better’ - that’s their new official ideology. And it's much more than just a belief system. Everyone may have their own views, but they do not change the overall reality of the others. For your views to become a reality, you need the strength to impose them on the public - the law, the police, the army, the media, experts, scientists, the cultural industry - the whole machine that works on it.

And there is nothing peaceful in this process - it is, by its very nature, a very brutal process. It is not possible to eliminate one reality and replace it with another in the same way - most people do not change their minds so easily, so it requires a major crisis, war, emergency or, of course, a global 'pandemic'.

In this process of change from the old to the other reality, society is divided and there is a period in which the usual reality has collapsed, but there are no new ones yet, and it looks like complete chaos. There is a stage where there is a struggle between the two realities as to who will win, but in the end only one remains. It is a struggle for life and death, so to speak. Right now we are at the very epicenter of this struggle - either all human beings we know will be erased along with many human beings, or the true Man and Mind will awaken and not allow what these new normalies want to do.

This is also a critical moment for the implementers of totalitarianism. They need to destroy the old reality in order to be able to introduce the new - but this cannot be done with reason and logic, because there are none - they can initially try to lie about it, but it soon becomes clear that there is only strength and terror. That is why there is a need for mass hysteria, which can be turned against those who abandon the new reality. It is not persuading them to accept it. It is a process like grazing cattle, which are first intimidated and then instinctively run where the shepherd needs them. They don't know where they are running, they just react to physical stimuli - it has nothing to do with facts and logic. The fact that part of society behaves in this way creates a growing confusion among those who clearly understand the true purposes of all this affair. Today, we do not live in one ideology, as it used to be when they changed from time to time in different territories. This is now a global hegemony and ideological system that no longer has competitors or alternatives other than separate resistance pockets, so its move towards totalitarian global governance is logical and obvious.

That is why facts and arguments do not work here either - in totalitarian systems it does not mean anything. The new normal can show everything from fake pictures from China when people 'fell' on the streets, to false statistical models on which locomotives were based, can explain the affair of PCR tests, show countless studies on the absurdity of masks and distances and the harm of injections. But it won't work.

There are still some people who have eaten the bait of the official version of kovid, but are not quite confused yet - they can be shown examples of the corporate media lying all the time and about everything - why this should be an exception.

However, the new normal ideology imposed by the capitalist caste, the heads of state, does not provide for a debate on this. They know all this very well, they understand very well that by engaging in a reasoned logical debate about all this, it is not possible to realize it, because there is nothing to do with logic here, only with brute force. The facts are important only to those who are intelligent. However, they are not suitable in contact with another reality, in which everything that is happening is only intended to be intensified - new variants, forced vaccines and segregation and penalties for healthy people. Moreover, the most painful thing is that this whole process of demonization is not just happening at government level and in the media. It also happens in society itself. The authorities do not even have to do anything, because society itself is divided into these two realities - the circle of acquaintances, relatives and even families are now divided on completely different, previously unimaginable principles.

Consequently, facts, research, and logic have nothing to do with ‘new normals’. The only way this might happen is through their own health problems and fatalities after believing the government lies about safevaccines. The whole process is exactly the same as it has been in history - the carrying of Christianity and the old gods - the Inquisitors and heretics, the holy fathers and the witch pink - it is all today, only in a slightly different form. If you look at it all that way, then it becomes completely clear what a vaccine is like a ritual in the new normal and why the desire to contact such people in any way disappears - not so much because of the substance itself, but precisely because of ideology.

This time pushes us to unite with like-minded people, because one is not a warrior here - but this is a war, a clash of two ideologies and mutually exclusive realities, and therefore the more we have to think and create what we will be.