A new kovid variant that kills 1/3, really?

The British scientific advisory group SAGE has come up with such a 'realistic possibility' for another virus supermutant. The same ones who have been commanding the British government since the beginning of this same affair on how to properly terrorize and intimidate people.

Now they have issued their next warning and it happened on Friday. It states that the current virus cannot be eradicated and that future strains of it could be as deadly as MERS, which appeared or was launched in Saudi Arabia in 2012, with knowledge of 35% mortality.

This is due to the possibility that various genotypic changes may occur, and if so-called kovid cases continue to be widespread, it may lead to the emergence of a type of virus that is not more contagious but more lethal. It also mentions the need for a third vaccine to reduce this spread and the need to kill animals that spread the virus. Including cats, ferrets, mice. Fur mink have already been killed in Denmark. At the same time, these same experts are calling for further injections, but at the same time talking about the fact that the future option may be resistant to these vaccines.

In their study, they consider the possibility that it will be a combination of several variants, which will then lead to the appearance of a new and MERS-like virus. This will be a combination of an injection-resistant beta with alpha or delta.

They also warn of higher mortality during vaccination, as they do not provide sterile immunity - and the increase in mortality can even be significant. Maybe that's why the UK government has been making a variety of interesting purchases lately, such as storing the dead and identifying tents?

In turn, Dr. Philippa Withford, vice-chair of the British Virus Parliamentary Group, responded to this study as follows:

This report, which was supposed to create shock waves in the UK government, was seamlessly put on the shelf by many other documents. But these SAGE recommendations take us back to the simple reality that we haven't defeated the virus.

In this regard, as always, there are at least two options as to why there is such a report. Either it is another bubble to speed up the squirting and to justify the archery, or it is Pandemic II mentioned by Bill Gates, which people will feel this time.